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Head Tie

Hmmm. Lovely head tie. The Head Tie could be used in different attires for various reasons/occasions Do you love this if so please comment.

Yoruba Wedding : Iro & Buba

Fresh style. This style is very nice and commendable. From the Head Tie (Gele) down to the buba.  This attire is most popular in the yoruba culture, which is in Nigeria. This attire can be worn for different purposes. For example during the wedding engagement of the yoruba's Iro & Buba is being worn by the bride. Also this is suitable for weddings and some occasional outings. If you love this please share and comment.

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Friday, 8 January 2016

Announcement: Changes In Jeroid Fashion

Hello prestigious readers of this awesome BLOG. I'll like to thank you for your continuous support so far. I also hope that you will continue to keep viewing this BLOG more often. I'm typing this post to inform you about some changes that would happen on this BLOG for a period of time.
The changes are as follows;
Due to the fact that I'll be busy with my studies I may not have time to post as regularly as I used to, though I would try to keep posting once in a while. Due to this, I'll like to seek your support to keep checking and surfing this site and bear with me for this period of time. Though it won't take long.. Please on that note I'll like all regular viewers to fill in the follow by email gadget on the right hand side of the BLOG.
For any more questions or enquiries you can contact me through the following channels:
Twitter: @jeroidreporters
BBM: 566313F3
2go: jeroid710
Thanks for your support. May Jehovah continue to bless you.

Thursday, 7 January 2016

If it must be leather, let it be brown.

I accidentally found a brown bomber jacket on tumblr and realized, that I have always been in love with this specific colorway of leather products. It looks more natural and in my opinion, it gives much more luxurious look of the  garments and accessories. Very easy going with either rich colors or pastels, this nuance always brings a feeling of high quality and harmony to my outfits. This is my opinion, I will be glad to hear about yours, please share it below in the comments

Update on midi skirt styling - 2016 fashion trends 07

A nice update on midi skirt styling

According to Google it is one of the top searched garment types in 2015. Being the type of garment that will most probably make you restart your diet or morning jogging, the midi skirt can be suitable for a lot of different occasions. Just make sure it does not interfere with your comfort of movement and you’ll be fine. Will be happy to know with one is your favorite. Please, let me know in the comments.


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